Japanese Mini Truck & Van Used Parts

Used Parts Division of Yokohama Motors, Japan. We are now offering Quality Used, Rebuilt & New Parts for Mini Trucks, Vans, and Mitsubishi Jeep.

 As we Load up new products contact us for items you don't see. For other Japanese JDM Vehicles send an email for the parts you want.


Mitsubishi Jeep Tie Rod End LH All J50 Series

Mitsubishi Jeep Tie Rod End LH All J50 Series. Limited Supplies!

$98.00 MB185480
Subaru Sambar Supercharger EN07Y USED

Subaru Sambar Used Supercharger

Mitsubishi Jeep Tie Rod End RH All J50 Series Jeeps

Mitsubishi Jeep Tie Rod End RH All J50 Series Jeeps. Very Limited Supplies!

Also replaces old PN MB185494, MA315460

$98.00 MB185491
Suzuki Carry Used Alternator DA16T

Suzuki Carry Used Alternator DA16T

$150.00 31400-82M01-USED
Suzuki Carry Fuel Injector DA63T (Late), DA62T, DA64V, DA65T

Suzuki Carry Fuel Injector DA62T, DA63T (Late Model), DA62T, DA64V, DA65T

$188.00 15710-65H00-RBT-SET
Daihatsu Hijet S80 Series with 11/16 Bore

Sorry Sold Out. Master Cylinder Repair kit for 11/16 inch bore.

$0.00 Sold Out
Daihatsu Hijet Rebuilt Carburetor S110P EFNS Series

Sold Out Again, when available we will Post again

Daihatsu EFNS OEM Rebuilt Carburetor S100P, S110P Truck Series.



$0.00 Sold Out
Mitsubishi Minicab Throttle Body

Used good condition U61T, U62T, U61V, U62V, and Nissan Cluipper U72T Throttle Body.

$150.00 1450A159-USED
Subaru Sambar Factory Rebuilt Carburetor

Sambar Factory Rebuilt Carburetor: KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4 EN07 Engine.

$0.00 Sold Out Right Now
Suzuki Jimny Turbocharger

Remanufactured Replacement Turbocharger. Replace your worn out Turbo with this nice fresh unit. Fits JA71 and JA11 Series Jimny

$398.00 13900-80711
Suzuki Carry Distributor DD51T Series

Suzuki Carry DA51T, DD51T Series Truck Rebuilt Distributor. Includes new Cap & Rotor plus O-Ring. Include chassis number when ordering. Limited supplies

$268.00 33100-51F11-RBLT
Mitsubishi U62T used transmission 4WD

Quality Low miles tested used transmission. Price includes free shipping to USA/Canada (remote areas and territories not included). For other counties email before purchasing.

$1,498.00 MD977105-USED
Suzuki Carry Speedometer DA71T, DB71T

Used low miles speedometer. Replace your broken unit with these low miles unit. We stock for all models; email questions.

Suzuki Carry Blower Motor DA71T, DB71T

Good Tested used blower motor. Fits DA71T, DB71T Trucks. Email for Vans.

$85.00 74140-80060-USED
Honda Acty Brake Master Cylinder Assembly

Replace your worn Brake Master Cylinder wit this nice used replacement. Fits HA3, HA4 Trucks. We must have your chassis number to process.

$180.00 46100-SJ6-033-USED
Daihatsu Hijet Engine assembly EFNS & EFES S110P Truck

Factory rebuilt EFNS & EFES with Genuine OEM Daihatsu Parts. Price includes free shipping to USA/Canada (Where service is available). Other countries email for quote.

$2,499.00 19000-87570-000-RBLT
New Suzuki Carry & Jimny Ignition Coil Set DB52T, DA63T, JB23

New Suzuki Carry Every Mazda Scrum Direct Ignition Coil Vehicles: Jimny: JB23W Include your VIN chassis number when ordering

$149.00 33400-76G00
Mitsubishi Minicab Carburetor U41T U42T Manual Transmission

Mitsubishi Minicab & Toro Rebuilt Carburetor.

$0.00 Sold Out Today
Mitsubishi Minicab Rebuilt Distributor Electronic Type

Rebuilt Electronic Distributor for U41T, U42T. Include your chassis number when ordering.

Honda Acty Rebuilt Carburetor HA4, HA3, HH3

Rebuilt Quality Honda Acty Carburetor. Include your Chassis number when ordering. Example HA4-1234567

Daihatsu Hijet Throttle Body S210P Series

Daihatsu Hijet Used and tested Throttle Body S210P Series. We must have your chassis number to match correct part. Example S210P-123456

$195.00 22210-97209-000-USED
Daihatsu Hijet Rebuilt Carburetor S82P, S83P Series

Daihatsu Hijet S82, S83P Series Rebuilt Carburetor.

Please send your Complete VIN or Chassis number with a order request; Thank you Example S83P-123456!

Include chassis number when ordering. Limited supplies.


$428.00 S83PRBLTCARB Sold Out Today
Daihatsu Hijet Radiator S200P, S210P Trucks

Brand New Replacement Radiator for EFSE engine S200P, S210P Trucks. Include chassis number when ordering.

$298.00 16400-97507-000
Daihatsu Hijet Starter Motor S100P, S110P Trucks

Replace your faulty starter with this rebuilt unit. To insure proper fitting we require you VIN number to confirm correct parts. We carry starters for all Daihatsu vehicles. No core or return required.

$228.00 28100-87536-RBLT
Suzuki DB71T Front RH Used Bezel

Used front Drivers Side Bezel. Limited supplies

$85.00 72111-85000-USED
Suzuki DB71T Front LH Used Bezel

Used front Passenger Side Bezel. Limited Supplies

$85.00 72121-85000-USED
Subaru Sambar Brake Master Cylinder KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4

Used Tested Low Miles Master Cylinder Assembly. Must include chassis number Example KS4-123456 . We have Master Cylinders for all cars and trucks. Email your request.

$180.00 26401TA002-USED
Subaru Sambar Combination Switch KS3, KS4

Subaru Sambar Used combination Switch for KS3/KS4 Trucks. 

Include chassis number when ordering or order will be canceled; no they are not all the same

Example KS4-123456

$125.00 83111-TA000-USED
Daihatsu Hijet Front Wiper Motor S80 Series

Daihatsu Hijet Used Front Wiper Motor. Fits S80P, S81P, S82P, S83P Trucks and vans. Must include chassis number to match correctly.

$150.00 85120-87527-000-USED
Daihatsu Hijet Heater Blower Motor S80 Series

Front Blower Heater Motor for S80, S81, S82, S83 Trucks and vans. Include chassis number when ordering.

$85.00 87104-87511-USED
Daihatsu Heater Core Assembly

Daihatsu Hijet S80, S81, S82, S83 Series truck Used heater assembly. Limited supplies. Must include chassis number.

$220.00 87110-87535-USED
Subaru Sambar radiator Fan KS3, KS4

Save by buying quality used. Compare to new Radiator Fan at $285. Include chassis number when ordering.

$180.00 45123TA020-USED
Daihatsu Hijet Steering Rack S100P, S110P

Daihatsu Hijet used steering rack. Include chassis number to assure proper fit. Manual rack for S100P, S110P

$185.00 45502-87523-000-USED
Daihatsu Hijet Speedometer S100 Series

Replace your broken speedometer with this nice used replacement. Include chassis number when ordering. Fits S100P, S110P Trucks. We have speedometers for all models; email your request.

$95.00 83200-87D83-USED
Daihatsu Strut assembly LH S100P S110P

Daihatsu OEM Front Passenger Side Replacement Strut. Fits S110P Trucks.

$298.00 48520-87556-000
Daihatsu Strut assembly RH S100P S110P

Front RH. Include chassis number when ordering. Can not ship to PO Boxes.

$298.00 48510-87561-000
Daihatsu Hijet Heater Core S110P

Used and tested Heater Core. Fits S100P, S110P include chassis number when ordering. Limited supplies

$85.00 87107-87521-USED
Mitsubishi Minicab Front Strut LH/RH U42T

Used Strut & Spring. Front LH/RH. Tested and working unit. Include chassis number when ordering. Can not ship to PO Boxes. Ask about combined shipping discounts!

$150.00 MB633147-000-USED
Suzuki Carry Front Strut Set DD51T

Used Strut & Spring Set. Front LH/RH. Tested and working unit. Include chassis number when ordering. Can not ship to PO Boxes.

Daihatsu Hijet Rear Driveshaft S110P

Used rear Driveshaft for S110P Trucks. Include chassis number when ordering. We also stock rebuilt units, email your request.

$125.00 37110-97513-USED
Suzuki Carry Manual Steering Rack DD51T

Used steering rack for DD51T, DD51V Trucks and vans 2WD/4WD vehicles.

Include chassis number when ordering to insure proper fitting. example DD51T-123456

We have racks for all models, just ask.

$180.00 48500-50F00-USED
Mitsubishi Minicab Crankshaft 3G83: U41T, U42T

Sorry Used Sold Out, Only New Available

$0.00 Sold-Out
Suzuki Carry Engine Control Computer DA63T DA62T

Used and Tested Engine Control Computer. We must either have your chassis number or the PN off your computer. Note: This item is for Computer PN 33920-67HN0. Email for other availability.

$200.00 33920-67HN0-USED
Subaru Sambar Supercharged Engine Computer

Used and tested Engine controller. EN07Y Engines. We must have your chassis number to process. Email questions before ordering. Note: New computers discontinued. We have computers for all models, email your request.

$250.00 22611KA681-USED
Mitsubishi Minicab U61T, U62T Fuel Injector Set

Mitsubishi Minicab Used Fuel injector Set U61T, U62T, U61V, U62V Trucks and Vans (Early type green). Price includes three injectors and fuel rail. May or may not include regulator or hoses. Include chassis number

$125.00 MR420040-USED
Daihatsu Hijet EF Series Cylinder Block 660cc

Used Low Miles Cylinder Block for S82P/S83P/S100P/S110P trucks and vans. Blocks are cleaned, inspected and honed for us with STD size pistons and rings. Include chassis number when ordering. Email for shipping options.

$600.00 11401-87592-USED
Daihatsu Hijet Engine Wiring Harness S65/S66

Used Engine wiring harness S65/S66 Hijet with AB engine. All connectorsí intact and working condition. Clean harness. Part number 82021-87553-000 or 82021-87653-000

$75.00 82021-87553
Daihatsu Hijet Transfer Case Shifter Assembly S65/S66

4WD Transfer Case Shifter Assembly S65/S66 Hijet with AB engine. Includes cable; works fine. OEM PN 33550-87541-000 Last One!

$90.00 33550-87541-000
Daihatsu Hijet Transmission 4WD 4F S66 Truck

Nice 4WD transmission for Hijet S66 4WD vehicle. Shifts great. This price includes shipping to USA/Canada/AUS/NZ. For others email for prices.

$799.00 33010-87510-000
Daihatsu Hijet Used Speedometer Head S80P/S81P

Replace your broken Speedometer with a nice used low kilometers unit.. We have units for all trucks, email your request. Fits S80P/S81P.

$100.00 S81PSPEEDO
Daihatsu S66 Distributor S60 Series

Tested good running S60/S65/S66 AB Engine Distributor. Includes nice used wire set. Last unit.

$0.00 Sold-Out
Mitsubishi Minicab Alternator: U41T/U42T

Used Alternator for U41T/U42T 3G83 Engines. Tested good. Denso PN 100211-9230 Include chassis number when ordering.

$125.00 MD166662
Mitsubishi Minicab Transmission 4 Speed U42T

High quality low kilometer Used & Tested U42T transmission Series V4M11. Shipping included to USA and parts of Canada. Email before purchase. For other countries contact use for rates.

$988.00 MB861618-USED
Subaru Sambar Power Steering Column KS3, KS4, KV3, KV4

Used and tested Power Steering Column. We must have your chassis number to process. Email questions before ordering. Email your questions before ordering. Limited Supplies. Note: Some units do not come with key, you need to swap over your key lock.

Suzuki Carry Manifold Vacuum Control Valve DA51T/DD51T

Replace your broken vacuum control valve to bring your system back to balance. A bad valve will cause your carburetor to malfunction. Include chassis number when ordering. Used and tested. Half price of new.

$50.00 18124-53F00-USED
Daihatsu Hijet & Midget Used Vacuum Switch

Replace your broken Vacuum Control Switch to restore proper Vacuum Control for your carburetor control system.


Fits Hijet S82P, S83P, S110P, and Midget K100 Series Daihatsu Vehicles.

Only  a few in stock!

For New go to Yokohamamotors.net

For New go here http://yokohamamotors.net/daihatsu-hijet-midget-vacuum-switch-details.html 


$69.00 90048-27018-USED
Daihatsu Hijet Cylinder Head S83P EFCS

Sorry presently Sold Out (We have only used or rebuild engine in stock now) Daihatsu Hijet Used Cylinder Head S82P, S83P EFCS.

$0.00 11110-87298-USED
Suzuki Every Van Washer Motor Tank assembly

Suzuki Every DF51V Used Windshield Washer Tank. Only two in stock

$85.00 38450-55F15-USED
Suzuki Carry Radiator DA63T DA65T

New aftermarket radiator for DA63T DA65T Suzuki Carry. Include chassis number when ordering

$298.00 17700-67H03
Honda Acty Steering Rack HA3, HA4 Series

Good used low miles steering rack for manual steering Honda Acty trucks. Must include your chassis number to match. email questions before ordering

$150.00 53040-SJ6-023-USED
Daihatsu Hijet Carburetor S82V, S83V Vans

Daihatsu Hijet Carburetor S82V, S83V Vans. Does not fit trucks!

$389.00 S83VRBLTCRB

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