Return Policy

First: Why it is so important we have your vehicles chassis number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). To prevent receiving incorrect parts you supply us with your chassis number and we look up your factory build data. We then know what fits your car. If you order a part without supplying the proper chassis number you may receive the wrong part. We cannot take responsibility for customer ordering errors. Please contact us with any questions before ordering


Electrical Components New & or Used

  1. Yokohama Motors does not accept any returns on New or Used Electrical Parts or Components whatsoever. New parts are supplied by the OEM manufacturer in tested and working order. Used Parts are tested before being shipped. If the item is damaged in shipment you must contact the delivery agent to file a claim; Yokohama Motors cannot do this for you. (See shipping Insurance Below)


Engines or Partial Engines (Blocks or Cylinder Heads, Transmissions)

  1. Yokohama Motors does not warranty or warrantee any Engine and or Component that Yokohama Motors does not install in a vehicle in Japan at one of our Yokohama Motors repair facilities. This policy is for both rebuilt (overhauled) or “As is” Used engines and components. It is the responsibility or the customer to hire a professional to install the engine and or components as required. Once you install and Engine or Engine part it cannot be returned. There are no exceptions to this rule. Special order items or custom order Engines, Cylinder Heads that are none stock items may not be returned as they are made for Customer specifications. Standard engine parts or engines that are unopened and in their original box with all included gaskets etc., may be returned at the customer’s expense. Yokohama Motors does not pay for return shipping in any case.


Carburetors & Fuel Related Items

  1. Any fuel related part or assembly may not be returned once the box or package has been opened for safety reasons. If you return a carburetor and or fuel related item if any parts are missing including repair instructions etc. a refund will not be granted.


OEM Manufacturer or Japanese Aftermarket Parts


  1. If you receive an OEM or Japanese Aftermarket part you may return it if unopened and unused. It must contain all parts in the package to receive a refund. If gaskets or other parts are missing no refund will be issued.


Shipping Cost of Authorized Returns

  1. Yokohama Motors does not pay for return shipping in any case. If you have received an approval for a return it must be in writing in either fax or email form. The return instructions must be clearly followed or delays may or customs issues may arise and Yokohama Motors will not be responsible. Please follow these instructions to avoid possible return problems.


Repair of Parts or Assemblies

  1. Yokohama Motors does not allow customer modification or repair of any or all parts in their possession. If the part is installed the customer is responsible for all repairs if the item breaks during normal use. Parts installed in off-road vehicles or racing conditions cannot be returned as they are deemed heavy duty non-normal use conditions and parts may or may not be designed for such us.


Insurance Coverage or Returned Items

  1. It is the customers responsibility when returning an items to have adequate shipping insurance to make sure that if the item is returned to Yokohama Motors and the product is broken during transport to have the item(s) adequately insured.



To avoid problems before ordering please consult with your sales representative thoroughly to make sure you receive the parts or assembly that you require.


Yokohama Motors,


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Return Policy

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