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About Yokohama Motors
The History
Yokohama Motors originally started over thirty years ago servicing US Military personnel stationed in Japan. From car sales to servicing both "Amesha" or American cars & Japanese vehicles. Yokohama Motors offered on and off base venues for car sales in multiple locations. Import & export was a very small part of the business in the old days as it was pretty much tied up by the giants in the business.
Auto Auctions did not exist as most people are familiar with today and the auctions that did were highly controlled by the "Old Boys Club". In other words they were not open to foreigners or even local dealers that were not accepted into the club. Most dealers in those days purchased cars destined for the junk yards and rebuilt them for resale. It was not uncommon in the days to find nearly new vehicles with less than 15,000 kilometers stacked 5 to 10 high in scrap yards. Parts were basically free to the taking as the Japanese were happy to get rid of them. These time have changed dramatically.
Parts: Most people do not realize there are no discount parts stores in Japan. The few that do exist such as the nationwide chain called Autobacs do not actually sell parts. They sell tires and wheels and plenty of car cleaning supplies; but no parts. The amount of aftermarket parts is also highly limited and to purchase you must be an authorized repair garage or dealer. In fact, most dealers send there cars out for maintenance and repair to these locations. Even today the supply of automotive parts is a highly controlled network of "Old Boys" that decide whether you can purchase from them or not. Most people do not realize Non-franchise Dealers in Japan do not receive "Dealers Discounts" for parts. In fact they pay the same price for parts as someone who walks in off the street.
Parts Prices: In Japan parts prices are decided by the manufacturer and the general rule of thumb is the older the part the higher the price. An example would be a water pump for a newer vehicle would be half the price of a vehicle 15 years old (if you could find it). The manufactures justify this practice as storage fees.


Present Yokohama Motors
Today Yokohama Motors has changed from car exporting to specialize on Parts & Service. We have now been in the business long enough to be in the "Old Boys Club" ourselves and therefore have access to Parts direct from Manufactures at actual discount prices.  With direct links into the system we have access to literally millions of parts for all Japanese JDM vehicles. We ship thousands of parts per month around the globe to both dealers and individuals. From newer vehicles to old classic hard to find JDM parts, we have something for everyone.
Main Business
·         JDM OEM Factory Replacement Parts Export
·         JDM Aftermarket Parts Export
·         Engine & Transmission Rebuilding (OEM Spec)
·         JDM Racing and Off Road Engines
·         Machine Shop & Parts Manufacturing
·         English Version Repair Manuals
·         Domestic Vehicle Sales
·         Domestic Logistics
·         Auto Auction Services USS etc.
·         Custom Vehicle Configurations
·         4WD Off Road Racing & Suspension Tuning
·         Various Shipping Services
·         Japanese to English Translation Services
For more information please feel free to email us anytime! Thank you!
Yokohama Motors Team
English Service Manuals for Japanese Cars
Year ago there was simply no information available outside of major dealers networks for repair manuals for JDM vehicles in Japan. This same issue continues today as service data and parts manuals are not sold to the pubic in any form. The car manufacturers do this to make sure you bring your car to them for maintenance and servicing. The Japanese domestic purchasers have become accustomed to this fact and simply do as expected. The export community on the other hand needed these manuals to be able to sell and export the JDM vehicles to customers who would need to repair the vehicles outside Japan. The first person to ever do this is James Danko. A native of Flint, Michigan and a former US Navy personnel that was stationed on the USS Midway back in the "Good old days". An Ex-Naval instructor with fluent Japanese and a "Detroit Car Guy" attitude created the largest library of English Service and Parts Manuals for JDM cars in the market. Since the car market is global and not all customers read English they were created using as many pictures as possible for ease of understanding for the global market. These books are no sold around the world and new version continue to be published. It could be said that whenever James published a new book the cars sales of that vehicle would increase due to the fact people would now buy them since they could repair the vehicle and order parts. 
For more information on the Japanese car market and how it came to be read the "Secrets of the Japanese Car Import Export Book" A truly interesting book on how this market became what it is today.

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