Daihatsu Hijet S38, S60, S65, S66 Parts

Used Parts for Classic Daihatsu S38, S40, S60, S65, S66 Trucks and Vans. If you donít see what you want email us your request.

Daihatsu Fuel Pump S65 Last One!

Sorry, Sold Out! Fits S60 S65 trucks. If we find another we will post it.

Daihatsu Hijet S65, S80P, S81P, S82P, S83P Starter Motor

Factory Remanufactured Starter with OEM Daihatsu Parts. Fits AB & EB series engines. We must have your chassis or VIN number when ordering. Email questions before ordering. No core charge. Alternate PN# 21800-87530-000, 28100-8734-000, 28100-87504-000

$238.00 28100-87506-000-RBLT
Daihatsu Hijet Carburetor S60 Series

Daihatsu Hijet Rebuilt Carburetor. Fits AB Engine RHD S60/S65/S66. Last one in stock!

$375.00 87709-S66-Carb
Daihatsu Hijet Steering Bushing S65, S66, S80P, S81P

Very rare dead stock new item. Daihatsu Hijet Steering Bushing S65, S66, S80P, S81P. Only a few left than history. Note: Does not fit S82/S83P.

$69.00 45425-87506-000
Daihatsu Hijet Clutch Cover S60 Series AB Engine

NOS (New Old Stock) Clutch Cover for Hijet S60/S65/S66 and Daihatsu Mira L55/L55V/L56 (4WD). Last one!

$180.00 31210-87506-000
Daihatsu Hijet Engine Wiring Harness S65/S66

Used Engine wiring harness S65/S66 Hijet with AB engine. All connectorsí intact and working condition. Clean harness. Part number 82021-87553-000 or 82021-87653-000

$75.00 82021-87553
Daihatsu Hijet S60 RHD Series Starter

NOS Rebuilt Starter for S60/S65/S66 AB Engines. Fits RHD only! Does not fit US Military LHD. Replaces PN 28100-87511-000. Last rebuilt in stock!

$228.00 S66-USED-Starter
Daihatsu Hijet Transfer Case Shifter Assembly S65/S66

4WD Transfer Case Shifter Assembly S65/S66 Hijet with AB engine. Includes cable; works fine. OEM PN 33550-87541-000 Last One!

$90.00 33550-87541-000
Daihatsu Hijet Transmission 4WD 4F S66 Truck

Nice 4WD transmission for Hijet S66 4WD vehicle. Shifts great. This price includes shipping to USA/Canada/AUS/NZ. For others email for prices.

$799.00 33010-87510-000
Daihatsu Hijet Transmission Shifter Assembly S65/S66

4WD Transfer Case Shifter Assembly S65/S66 Hijet with AB engine. Includes shifter Rods; works fine. OEM PN 33503-87504-000. Note: Maybe disassembled for shipping.

$85.00 33503-87504-000
Daihatsu S66 Distributor S60 Series

Tested good running S60/S65/S66 AB Engine Distributor. Includes nice used wire set. Last unit.

$0.00 Sold-Out

Daihatsu Hijet S38, S60, S65, S66 Parts

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